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SEO Beast is a Collaborative website dedicated to Digital Marketing Tools and Experts

Digital marketing is the advertisement and marketing of goods, product and services using technological platforms. From the early 1990s, digital marketing has improved in its vast capabilities of advertising and giving an improved number of audience to goods, products and services from various organizations round the world. Thus, it has reduced the stress of people going to physical shops to inquire about goods.


     A digital marketing plan is a strategic document that takes the current situation of a particular organization to set some midterm goals and to determine the strategy and means to accomplish them. This document also describes the responsibilities, the time frame and control tools for monitoring.  The aims of a digital marketing plan include discussing organizations and their environment. Likewise, it needs to be a roadmap of how to manage the organization’s marketing strategy, so that resources are properly allocated. The plan also helps control and evaluate output and tackle any potential deviation from the organization’s expected outcomes.  In this line, a marketing plan becomes a flexible document that must be adapted to the situation of the company and that must feed into the results obtained by each of the actions developed, especially in the digital arena.

     The development of an online marketing plan is similar to a conventional one in its structure, but it also includes some variations at an operational level. In fact, this means not only that some specific strategies and tools are to be developed, but also that the volubility of the digital media and its capacity for immediate measurement force organizations to develop a strategy that can be revised in the short term, as well as the iterative process between action and control.  An online marketing plan is a document in line with the company’s strategic plan that sets goals of an activity in the digital environment, as well as the what, how, when, who and why (6 Ws) of Web presence.

     There are different options regarding the structure of a marketing plan. We advocate for a four-phase structure as this is simple and clear to plan for any action’s strategy.


Organizational Reputation Overview

     Successful organizations are aware of the importance of reputation. A positive reputation brings trust, confidence, and sales, which are ultimately reflected in revenue growth and profitability. A bad reputation can lead to a decrease in consumer confidence, and, in turn, a reduction in revenue and profits.  In this day and age, erroneous rumors, malicious gossip, unfair opinions and other bad news spread fast! The internet has compounded the speed and the geographic distribution of this information. By the time negative news gets out it is often too late and the damage irrevocable.

Online Reputation is Important

     Consumers use search engines to gather information. When they undertake a search for your company name or brand, your hope is that your own website is high up on the search results list.  Here is where hiring an internet marketing company with an excellent reputation in SEO is crucial.

Undertake a search on your favorite search engine for your company name and look at the results. Hopefully, your company web site is at the top of the list. But what about the other results in the top 10? What do they say about your brand? People searching for your company name will often look at all of these results – not just those pointing to your homepage. When their eyes skim down the list, what stands out about your company? Is it all good, relevant, up-to-date information? Are there any negative listings saying bad things about your brand or your company? Are there sites with outdated information about your brand in the list? What are people saying about you on industry forums and blogs?  People looking for your company in the search engine results will scan all this information.


Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, offered to create a global hypertext project. In line with his success in the project, World Wide Web was created!

Since the first websites in the early 1990s, web designers have been experimenting on how to develop web designs all over the globe. Early web sites were more of text-base and a minimal application of images and files with no accurate and absolute layout.

However, over the years, web designs progressed greatly, bringing us to various advanced programming languages and their applications.

In the year 1995, Javascript was introduced and launched into the world of programming languages, thus, bringing an advancement to HTML.

Javascript was thte answer to some limitations of HTML like pop up windows and the likes.

Javascript was referred to as ‘Lazy programmers language’, because it is used as an easy patch, although it is very powerful if used wisel and professionally.

Web design can be refers to as the Mother of ‘Digital Marketing’, as it has given a platform for sellers all over the world to advertise their goods, products and services to buyers.

With the advancement of Web design through the introduction of professional programming languages over the years, Digital Marketing has been made easy.


Where is web design heading to?

Taking a look back ti the arly days of web design, we can be convinced that there has been drastic changes and evolvemnents over the years.

Online Marketers all over the world tends to move and adaspt quickly to new web platforms, thus, giving us the thought and view of how web design will look in the future. In contemplkations of this, some organizations have conducted some esearchs to interview some experts in the industry.

Liz Roncevic, the CEO and Founder of NJ SEO and digital marketing agency, Bizmap, has an interesting perspective.  “What we’re seeing more and more are huge changes in web design and digital marketing services.  Our entire world is online.  Businesses and their owners are seeking convenience, compatibility and growing online exposure.  To accommodate this, internet marketing companies, developers and web designers are building platforms that are more user friendly, with simple drag and drop systems that are easy for people to use with little to no experience.”

Lisa Sabin-Wilson, COO of WebDev Studios said, ‘The future of web design is contextual technology.’ She further explained that, ‘contextual technology means that the technology we are using understands our needs and our environment to the point that it is seemless. Users aren’t always aware that its happening, because it happens ont the fly’

Mark Ensign, CEO of LoudMouse said, “Over the next 10-15 years, websites are going to incorporate some form of artificial intelligence. Not to the point where your local landscaping website is going to take over the world like John Connor warned us about. But it will recognize who you are, what you like, who you are connected to and a whole bunch of other information pulled from your digital footprint. These websites are going to make the experience feel more like there is a person behind the screen that gets you and less like a one sided conversation where you are subjected to marketing pitches on every page you visit. The companies that appear more human in their marketing and specifically on their website are the ones that are going to win.”

The future?

Where is web design headed? Who knows. Business ownersfrom golf course owners to HVAC technicians are focusing their websites’ design on user experience to ensure user satisfaction and to maintain their reputations. This trend will not only stay but also evolve.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Are you a corporate proprietor and would need to take your corporate to better points? Have you supposed of Search Engine Optimization but you are not certain whether it is helpful to you?

In now’s world, if you want to recover your corporate online occurrence on the website so as to discover your mark clients, upsurge your deals, upsurge your incomes over and above attain your commercial aims, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the method to go.  Actually, Search Engine Optimization has facilitated search engines to allow individuals to discover what they are considering for online over search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In modest standings, search engine optimization or SEO is the procedure of allowing the search engines to see your website pages in a more capable way.

The list beneath includes of the paybacks your corporate can develop from search engine optimization

  1. Better brand acknowledgment

Search Engine Optimization allows your website to get highest position hence prominent to further publicity. This aids to form the dependence of your predictions as the businesses that are scheduled on the main pages of search engines are usually reflected to be more dependable than those that look on the next pages of search engine outcome pages.

  1. SEO aids to improve your website’s usability

How firm does your website load? How do you sense when you contact a particular website and you discover that it does not deal you great excellence understanding? You will supreme possible go to a new website. The similar relates to consumers. Particular are infamously biased such that if your website does not deal them an improved excellence involvement, they leave to your contestant’s website. Functioning with an expert Search Engine Optimization business, you get the chance to be counseled on how to brand your website as accessible as imaginable.  If your website loads bit by bit, it diminishes your consumer understanding. There is a device that search engines particularly Google customs website swiftness metrics to rank websites. So your website will be graded conferring to its loading swiftness. Functioning with a decent Search Engine Optimization expert, you will get proposals and stratagems to improvement your website loading periods.

  1. Improved conversion rates

Search Engine Optimization optimized websites are relaxed and firm to practice. They are consumer responsive on top of well-matched with Computers, cell phones as well as tablets, henceforth letting for improved adaptation rates. Clients who stay and click over organic schedules are keenly looking for produces and facilities and they are probable to accept an answer to their difficulties. So, if you are marketing things and facilities, the change amount from this kind of approach is one of the finest.


Currently that you have recognized the aids of Search Engine Optimization for your corporate, it is time to get underway. Contact Search Engine Optimization Company to look out of all your worries and difficulties, and take your website to the succeeding ranks so as to allow it to rage advanced therefore increasing your commercial standing and brand consciousness.